Discord Bot that will give lots of fun to your members on your Discord Server. There are two languages (English & Balkan), so if you have Balkan Server, you will also be able to give your members lots of fun.

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English Commands

.work - You will do an legal job, and there is 100% chance of you getting that cash.
.crime - You become a criminal, and there is 50/50 chance of you winning, and losing. If you lose, you will lose between 55 to 65 precent of you Total Wealth.
.vote - You will just need to vote for the bot, and then you will receive $50,000. (You can do it every 12 hours) - Once you do it, you need to write .vote in server where you want to receive cash.
.money / .cash - You are able to see your own cash. (Or cash of someone who you tag)
.deposit / .dep - You will be able to deposit the cash you have to your bank. (Cash will be safe, since it's in bank)
.withdraw / .with - You will be able to withdraw the cash you have in your bank. (Players will be able to rob it once you withdraw it)
.top / .top10 - You will see Top 10 richest players on the server.
.roulette - You will be able to put your cash on color you want. (Black = x2, Red = x2, Green (3% chance of getting it) = x14)
.bet - You will bet the cash you specify. Chances are 50% of winning, and 50% of losing
.pay - You will pay someone the cash you specify. (You need to have cash in hand for it.)
.rob - You are able to rob someone's hand cash. Once you rob them, you will get 46.5% of their cash in hand.

.prefix [new prefix] - Choose new prefix you want to use for commands.
.setcasino - Casino will only work in the channel where you wrote this command.
.language - Change the Bot's language to Balkan.

Balkanske Komande

.radi - Radit cete legalan posao, i 100% su sanse za dobitak.
.kriminal - Postat cete kriminalac, i 50/50 posto su sanse za dobitak i gubitak. Ukoliko izgubite, gubite izmedju 55 i 65 posto vasih ukupnih para.
.vote - Samo cete morati voteovati za bota, i dobiti cete $50,000. (Mozete svakih 12 sati) - Kada votujete, ponovo napisite .vote u serveru u kojem zelite dobiti novce.
.pare / .novac / .novci - Vidjeti cete vas vlastiti novac. (Ili novac nekog drugog koga tagujete)
.stavi - Mozete staviti novac u banku. (Novac ce biti siguran, zato sto je u banci)
.uzmi - Mozete izvaditi novac iz banke. (Ostali ce vas moci opljackati, posto ste izvadili novac)
.lista - Vidjeti cete 10 najbogatijih na serveru.
.rulet - Mozete igrati rulet po bojama. (Crna = x2, Crvena = x2, Zelena (3% za dobiti zelenu) = x14)
.kockaj - Kockati cete onoliko koliko zelite. Sanse za dobitak i gubitak su 50/50.
.plati - Mozete platiti nekom novac. (Trebate imati novac u ruci za to)
.opljackaj - Mozete opljackati nekom novac iz ruke. Kada ih opljackate, dobivate 46.5% njihovih para.

.prefix [new prefix] - Mozete odabrati novi prefix za sve komande.
.postavicasino - Casino ce raditi samo u kanalu u kojem napisete ovu komandu.
.jezik - Promijenite jezik bota na Engleski.

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